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Accessory Dwelling Unit Design │ DreamMaker of Suburban Chicago

Accessory Dwelling Unit Design Ideas

accessory dwelling unit designIf you’re looking to increase the size of your home, you have other options besides just physically expanding the existing house. You can also add an accessory dwelling unit (ADU). This is a detached, secondary guest house that rests on your property. Our general contractors have worked on these types of units and know some good design ideas for accessory dwelling units.

1. Minimalist Design

Minimalist-inspired designs are ideal for smaller units. Essentially, less is more. The rules are quite simple:

  • Keep clutter to an absolute minimum

  • Avoid placing items on the floor that don’t have a functional application, such as large plants

  • Use no more than one accent piece

  • Maximize wall use by installing floating shelves or floating cabinets

2. Create a Bed Nook

Most ADUs are similar in structure to a studio apartment due to their small size. This means an open floor plan with no separation between rooms other than the bathroom. A bed nook is a great way to add some semblance of a bedroom for the sleeping area. You can do this by adding a bed canopy with drapes. Anything you can do to separate the bed and/or a portion of the space will work.

3. Use Large Furniture

It may seem counterproductive to use large furniture in a small living space. However, we recommend having a few larger furniture pieces than multiple smaller ones. The latter can make the space feel cluttered and busy.

4. Brighten the Room

Make the room appear as bright as possible; this will make the space appear larger and airier. This can be accomplished by:

  • Using a uniform bright paint or wallpaper

  • Incorporating large windows

  • Removing furniture or décor that may partially block the window

We’ll Design Your Accessory Dwelling Unit

DreamMaker of Suburban Chicagoland believes ADUs and guest houses deserve just as much attention as the main home. Some small touchups will make the unit just as homely. Call us for constructing your accessory dwelling unit.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Accessory Dwelling Unit Renovations

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