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Design Tips for an Industrial Style Kitchen

industrial style kitchenMany homeowners are put off by the industrial style kitchen design. They think the style makes the area feel cold and impersonal. However, this is really all a matter of perspective, because some homeowners actually prefer the look. If you happen to be among this group, then we’ll show you some remodeling tips on how to expand on the industrial design.

Characteristics of an Industrial Style Kitchen

The main characteristic is the heavy use of metallic surfaces. This means stainless steel fridges, stoves, and other appliances. This may also include a steel and reflective backdrop, rubber flooring, handle-less cabinet doors, and non-porous and easy-to-wipe countertop surfaces.

While the design is intended more for function than aesthetics, you can still create a visually stunning kitchen with this style.

Design Ideas

What else can you include besides a lot of stainless steel? Here are a few ideas:

  • Built-In Drink Station: Instead of a home coffeemaker, consider a commercial model built right into the countertop. Complement this with a wine fridge with a glass or frosted door.

  • Kitchen Island: If you have room for a kitchen island, consider a model with a built-in sink. Enhance the area with bar-style steel stools. Alternatively, you can consider built-in swivel stools.

  • Floating Shelves: Hold floating shelves in place with thick steel brackets and bolts. Normally, the brackets subtract from the look. However, in this instance, you want them as a focal point.

  • Steel Kitchen Pillars: Install a pillar or two. This gives the kitchen the look of having strong structural support and foundation.

We Do Industry-Style Kitchen Makeovers

Give DreamMaker of Suburban Chicagoland a call if you think your kitchen can use a renovation that would woo even Gordon Ramsey. Our general contractors can create any look, from a homely cottage design to an industrial style kitchen design, or something in between.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Industry-Style Kitchen Makeovers

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