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Left-Handed Kitchen │ DreamMaker of Suburban Chicagoland

Left-Handed Kitchen Design

left-handed kitchenLeft-handers are a minority, making up about 10% of the population. Manufacturers design kitchens and appliances with right-handed users in mind. If you’re a southpaw, worry not. We’ll present a few left-handed kitchen design ideas.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas for Left-Handed Homeowners

Here’s a fact: fridges, cabinets, and microwaves are made with the hinge on the left and handle or control panel on the right. This makes it user-friendly for right-handers. This is also why the freezer in most fridges are on the left side.

You can certainly buy customized appliances with the door hinges that open in the opposite direction. Some newer appliances have reversible doors. This is primarily designed for accommodating compact and studio kitchens, though it also makes the item more user-friendly for lefties.

Other Design Ideas

  • Some faucets have a side mount with a pull-out sprayer. The side mount is typically on the right-hand side of the faucet. Install the mount on the left.

  • If you have a dishwasher, install it to the left of the sink. Designers by default almost always install dishwashers to the right.

  • Store smaller items, such as pots, pot holders, and trivets to the left. You may also opt for an overhead pot rack right in the center or over a kitchen island. This makes it easy for users to retrieve items regardless of their hand dominance.

  • Install a double-bowl kitchen sink where the right basin is larger than the one on the left.

  • Store frequently used items in the cabinets on the left side of the kitchen

We’ll Design a Kitchen That Function Well for Lefties

DreamMaker of Suburban Chicagoland designs kitchens with both function and looks in mind. This includes layouts for safety and mobility. Despite living in a right-hand-dominated world, we can design a kitchen meant for left-handers.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Kitchen Renovations for Left-Handed Homeowners

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