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DreamMaker Remodeling Tips

Lanterns as DécorLanterns as a décor accessory are an awesome way to add new life to your home. The lantern itself serves as décor, while the light provides a welcome change to harsh fluorescent bulbs and dull overhead lights. They provide a warm radiance that our interior remodelers recommend for Zen-inspired makeovers.

Tips for Using Lanterns as a Décor Accessory

With fall in full swing, we recommend bringing some of the outdoors in. Set a lantern on a mantle or coffee table and surround it with fall and harvest items, such as leaves, small pumpkins, decorative stones, and plastic fruit. Don’t worry, none of these present a fire hazard since the candle is encased in the lantern.

Lighted lanterns also give off a tranquil and serene vibe. We recommend extending their use to the kitchen and bathroom as well.

Lanterns for the Bathroom

You can place lantern atop the toilet tank, adjacent to the sink, or at the corner of a tub. Instead of flipping the light switch, you can light the lantern for special occasions, such as a warm bubble bath. Our bathroom remodelers can also install lanterns as permanent light fixtures against the wall.

Lanterns for the Kitchen

Our kitchen remodelers can install overhead lanterns in place of or in conjunction with sconce lights. They can also be centerpieces for kitchen islands. If there is enough space between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling, add a lantern or two as purely decorative pieces. If the kitchen leads right to the patio, then we recommend setting up a lantern on a small table or shelf next to the glass door.

Let Us Help with the Décor

Call DreamMaker of Suburban Chicagoland for renovations beyond what you can do yourself. We can incorporate lanterns as a décor accessory to give off an enchanted vibe for any room.

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Cottage-Style Bathroom │ DreamMaker of Suburban ChicagolandThe kitchen is often the first place to come to mind with respect to cottage-inspired makeovers. However, the bathroom is just as good of a place for creating country-style charm. Consider these remodeling tips for a cottage-style bathroom.

Bead Boards

Bead boards are a trademark of cottage designs. You can use them on the walls and the cabinets. We especially like Cape Cod-style paneling. This works especially well if the bathroom has a window. Natural light combined with a light-colored paint scheme for the boards is beautiful.

Natural Wood

Wood is a nice way to add contrast to a room that normally consists of a lot of white and ceramic. Places to incorporate wood include the molding, crossbeams, and countertops. Our cabinet refacing crew recommends a distressed design for that worn and rustic feel. Also consider stained, laminate, or faux wood, since wood is susceptible to warping from all the moisture and humidity. If you prefer to keep the wooden backdrop to a minimum, then consider using removable wooden motifs.


Wallpaper is preferable to tiles when shooting for a cottage look. You have a lot of options in terms of designs. Consider depictions of nature that include flowers, birds, or harvest items.

Small Décor

Creative Bathroom remodeling also includes small touches that don’t require a contactor. Small décor elements you can add on shelves, countertops, and atop the toilet tank include wicker baskets, handmade clay soap dishes, candle stands with partially used candles, and mason jars for storing toothbrushes.

We’ll Give Your Bathroom a Cottage-Style Makeover

A cottage design is one of our favorite styles. When remodeling the kitchen this way, we also recommend our clients consider the same look for their bathroom. At DreamMaker of Suburban Chicagoland, we’ll create that old-style, rural ambiance with a cottage-style bathroom.

Bathroom Remodeling with a Country Charm


Serving the residents of Suburban Chicagoland and Vernon Hills, Libertyville, Lake Forest, Gurnee, Grayslake and Deerfield. We also serve Lincolnshire, Highland Park, Lake Bluff, Hawthorn Woods, Long Grove, Lake Zurich, Buffalo Grove, Mundelein, Wauconda, Wadsworth and Winthrop Harbor

bathroom, bathroom remodel, bathroom remodel NE Chicago bathroom makeover budgetA bathroom remodel can do more than just improve appearances. A successful redesign from DreamMaker Bath & Kitchenwill create added functionality, add storage, maximize space, and increase your home’s value. Usually, the numerous options in a makeover project can be overwhelming. These questions will assist you in deciding what you want from a bathroom remodel.


How much energy do you use?

One of the most important factors to consider before deciding to remodel your bathroom is how much energy you and your family use, and if you could use less. Eco-friendly designs have grown in popularity in the Northeast Chicago area over the last few years. Bear in mind that you don’t need to sacrifice water or energy to be “green”. For instance, energy efficient appliances help to save water while flushing the toilet and also control the temperature of the shower, so you save both water and heat. An eco-efficient remodel could lower energy bills and bring peace of mind knowing you’re contributing to conservation efforts.


How do you use the bathroom, and what amenities are important?

Beyond the basics, everyone has individual desires for a bathroom. For some, a relaxing spa-like tub where they can destress after work is important. For others, a double vanity is essential to allow family members to simultaneously get ready. Also consider features for safety and mobility, such as a walk-in tub or a zero-barrier shower. Find the problem areas of your current bathroom so your contractor can best address your needs when helping plan your remodel.


Which bathroom should I choose?

Before beginning, decide what the scope of your makeover project will be. Will you be remodeling your downstairs half-bath that is only used a few times a week, or the master bathroom you use daily? The bathrooms that are used often require larger budgets because they generally have more amenities.


What’s the bathroom makeover budget?

After deciding which bathrooms need work, decide what your budget will allow. It is essential to stick to a budget that will benefit you, the contractor, and the design team. This ensures everyone is on the same page and will prevent any future misunderstandings during the project.


Your bathroom is an essential component to your home. DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen’s qualified team is trained to ask you all of the important questions during your free consultation, ensuring that you receive the result you want. With our renown craftsmanship and trend-proof styles, a bathroom or kitchen remodelupdate is sure to last for years, giving you the best return on investment. So, don’t wait any longer to have the interior remodelof your dreams for your home or commercial property—call or email ustoday!


Top Tips Before Starting a Bathroom Remodel in NE Chicago

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Basement LightingThe basement doesn’t just have to be a room for the furnace and laundry machines. With a little renovation from an interior remodeler, it can become an extra bedroom, guestroom, or entertainment room. Here are a few remodeling tips with respect to the basement lighting. The right lighting, after all, is essential for a room that received little to no natural lighting.

Basement Lighting Recommendations

The typical basement lacks windows, often creating a cramped and cave-like atmosphere. The right lighting in this space can give the area a more open and free vibe.

To compensate for the lack of sunlight, you need to install bright, recessed bulbs—preferably between 800 and 1200 lumens—and space them about four to six feet apart, depending on the shape of the space and the height of the ceiling.

You should also consider accent lighting. Think about the lighting in a closet. While functional, the light is very flat. You can avoid this for the basement by adding eye-level lighting. A few table and freestanding lamps helps give the room depth and volume. You can also add greater depth by installing lighting around the crown molding. This will keep the room bright, creating an open feeling while also adding a few shadows to define the room’s space.

For aesthetic purposes, you can also install a fake window on the wall with a lighting panel behind it.

Finally, for the bulbs, consider LEDS or CFLs. Traditional incandescent bulbs not only consume more energy, but they also raise temperatures in a room that is already naturally stuffy.

We’ll Handle the Lighting

Lighting installation requires getting behind the walls and ceilings. It’ best to leave the work to DreamMaker of Suburban Chicagoland. Look up our gallery to see some of our handiwork. For the basement lighting and any renovation work in the below-ground-level room, leave it to the pros.

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Complete Basement Remodeling


Serving the residents of Suburban Chicagoland and Lake County, Vernon Hills, Libertyville, Lake Forest, Gurnee, Grayslake and Deerfield. We also serve Lincolnshire, Highland Park, Lake Bluff, Hawthorn Woods, Long Grove, Lake Zurich, Buffalo Grove, Mundelein, Wauconda, Wadsworth and Winthrop Harbor

Sunroom BenefitsHave you ever thought about adding a sunroom? Without a doubt, such an addition would be a radical move. It would, however, add tons of visual and functional appeal to your home. There are multiple benefits of a sunroom when you have highly qualified interior remodelers construct this renovation for you.

Sunroom Benefits

First of all, having a room where the walls are almost entirely composed of windows just looks plain cool. Aside from that, though, there are health benefits as well. Studies have shown that moderate UVB ray exposure stimulates the body’s production of vitamin D. This is important because research suggests that three out of every four American adults have vitamin D deficiency.

Other benefits of natural light exposure:

  • Enhances mood through the release of endorphins

  • Treats skin conditions, such as atopic dermatitis, vitiligo, and psoriasis

  • Treats seasonal affective disorder

  • Promotes healthy sleep rhythms by regulating melatonin production

Get the Benefits Without the Nuisance

With a sunroom, you get all the perks of the outdoors while remaining indoors. This means not having to deal with pesky insects or weather elements like rain or strong winds.

Our general contractors have actually converted home office spaces into a sunroom. This way, homeowners get the benefits of sunlight while going about their daily 9 to 5 routine. We have also converted other areas like lounges and waiting rooms into sunrooms for public facilities. Such a room definitely resonates well with customers.

Add Value to Your Home with a Sunroom

A sunroom is virtually an indoor patio. That idea appeals to a lot of homeowners we have served. Contact DreamMaker of Suburban Chicagoland to learn about our process and how we transform houses into homes. The benefits of sunrooms are well documented, and it is one of our favorite projects to undertake.

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Beautify Your Home with a Sunroom


Serving the residents of Suburban Chicagoland and Lake County, Vernon Hills, Libertyville, Lake Forest, Gurnee, Grayslake and Deerfield. We also serve Lincolnshire, Highland Park, Lake Bluff, Hawthorn Woods, Long Grove, Lake Zurich, Buffalo Grove, Mundelein, Wauconda, Wadsworth and Winthrop Harbor

Bathroom Vanity TrendsVanities are a huge focal point for the bathroom. Renovating this part of the bathroom will no doubt make a huge statement even if you do little elsewhere. Here are a few bathroom vanity trends for vastly improving this area of your home.

1. Use Black Paint on Your Bathroom Vanity

Black makes a bold statement and provides an excellent contrast to the rest of the backdrop that has a neutral white or grey color. Simply put, this gives the room less of a sterile, hospital-like vibe.

2. Living Room Furniture as a Bathroom Vanity

Use furniture that normally isn’t intended for the bathroom. Good furniture choices include vanities with legs. Hutches, which are generally used in the kitchen or dining room are also good choices.

3. Add a Pedestal Sink

For a more extensive bathroom renovation, swap out the entire sink for a pedestal variant. These have a charming and vintage look, especially if you install metal or chrome faucets and accents. While most pedestal sinks are plain white, consider a metal leg or a minimalist design for retro flair.

4. Bowl-Top Bathroom Sinks

Sinks can also be replaced with vessel-style bowls. The classic, ceramic white bowl makes for a pleasant cottage look. You can also opt for stone or see-through glass for a bold and contemporary look.

5. Modern Rustic Bathroom Vanity

A distressed vanity may be a bit too much for some people. However, the distressed appearance is a popular kitchen remodeling trend. What’s good for the kitchen can be good for the bathroom. Refurbish an old dresser for a timeworn look or hire a contractor to do it for you. Home designers that perform cabinet refacing work can often do the same for a vanity.

We’re up to Date with the Latest Bathroom Trends

Contact DreamMaker of Suburban Chicagoland to update your bathroom. We’re familiar with the current bathroom vanity trends and can redo your bathroom according to the latest designs that match your personal taste.

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Complete Bathroom Remodeling from Top to Bottom

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Lighting sets the mood in every room; the kitchen is no exception. Instead of a single light fixture, consider these three kitchen lighting styles for your next interior remodeling project. This allows you to create a different ambiance depending on whether you’re preparing food, washing dishes, or entertaining guests.

Recessed Lights

Also known as down lights, recessed lights are basically the general lighting for illuminating the entire room. It’s also beneficial for reducing glare and shadows. Recessed lights are useful for kitchen walkways, such as the area between the island and the sink. It’s also useful directly over the sink as it creates bright illumination for daily tasks like cleaning dishes.

Under-Cabinet Lighting

Under-cabinet lighting comes in small strip lights placed underneath the cabinet, just behind the fascia board. These lights are great for a dimly lit room. The light is streamed directly down to the counter. This makes it ideal for task lighting, such as wiping the counter or cutting vegetables. It also makes for good accent lighting if there is any part of the counter or item on the counter that you would like to highlight.

Pendant Lights

Pendant light fixtures are highly visible and influence the overall look of the room. Choose from a variety of pendants and scones to amplify the look of the kitchen space. Pressed glass tubes are one option we highly recommend. Pendant lights are ideal when placed over an island. They illuminate the entire space but are not as bright as recessed lights.

 Amplify the Space with the Best Kitchen Lighting Styles

Call DreamMaker for a complete kitchen remodel. Check out our gallery to see the work we’ve done for some of our Chicagoland clients. All of these renovations take into consideration different kitchen lighting styles for creating your dream kitchen.

Full Kitchen Renovations from Floor to Ceiling

Serving the residence of Suburban Chicagoland and surrounding areas


In this day and age, building materials, labor and just about everything seems to be raising in cost. Building a new home is nice, but the price seems to be doubling daily to do so. Why not just look at the beauty and character already established and embrace the past? Your style taste can always update the interior, so here are a few reasons to buy or keep a Mid-century home.

1. Sloped roofs add drama and are practical.

Pitched roofs are the roofs that range from a slight to drastic slope. They naturally do not accumulate snow because it slides off. They require smaller structural members and do not retain water at all, keeping the house watertight! From a design viewpoint, the roofline can be built to accentuate the topography pf the area, whether it be pointing skyward or perfectly nestled into the trees.

2. Architecture can be a natural climate control.

Yes, you heard correctly. Architecture can be a natural climate control. Hello, lower utility bills! In the 1950s, it was normal to not have an air conditioner and retaining heat in the winter was key. These houses were structured to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter with very little help. Windows are usually placed on the southern walls with overhangs that create shadows like a brim on a hat. This allows the windows to remain cool in the summer and guide warmth into the home during the winter months. It is also normal for the homes to have doors on opposing walls to create air flow through rooms or the house has whole house fans that help create air flow! This also will lower your carbon footprint, if you live a green lifestyle.

3. Straightforward layouts create interest and understanding.

The layout of these homes is divided into “zones.” Due to this type of layout, it is easy to see and understand the architect’s thought process in building. It essentially guides you in decorating and makes it easy to pick out where everything was meant to be placed. Large open spaces are a norm in this style of home which allows for large spaces to entertain and create continuity. If you have a wall of windows, make sure to use the wall as a focal point.

4. Simple materials provide more creative flexibility.

This is so true. In the 1950s, builders used mainly aluminum and wood siding. Building materials have come a long way since then. Opt for cement board, plastic or PVC. All of these are durable and have a painted finish that is easy to maintain. Most likely, you will be giving the siding a fresh coat of paint to go with your sense of style. Make sure the materials beneath it are just as durable for an easy upkeep. 

5. Minimal frills can accentuate details you might want to otherwise hide.

The staircase, usually in the main entryway, is not an easy thing to hide; especially, when they are free-standing. The craftsman made the staircase as a way to show off their craftsmanship and the latest trends in new materials for the time. Embrace this structural piece of art, and you will learn to love it.


Single-walled kitchens come into play in small homes or apartments and open-plan kitchens. Here are a few tips in making the most of your single-walled kitchen.

Embrace a Sociable Layout: The Single-Wall Kitchen is the epitome of a social layout. There are no added walls, which opens up the space for entertaining. Although a single-wall kitchen allows one person to cook at a time, it still allows others to access it. Make sure to keep this in mind when choosing furniture for the kitchen and accommodating your lifestyle!

Make it Efficient: Space is limited in this type of kitchen so planning out every detail is imperative. In a single-walled kitchen, usually, the fridge is on the far end of the kitchen run. The sink is located next to the fridge with counter space on either side. Beneath the counter, is the dishwasher and more storage space. On the far side of this, the oven and cooktop are located with ample counter space for safe food preparation with more storage beneath. Maybe you want to include tall cabinets to bookend the kitchen. Just makes sure that your layout makes sense to you because you are the one that will be using it daily.

Use a Standard Run of Cabinets: Just like in any other kitchen, you will want to include overhead cabinetry. This will create more space to store anything and everything that you need in your kitchen. Do not worry if this run of cabinets goes the entire length of the wall. This is normal. Be aware that if you wish to include a vent-a-hood, this is where it will be placed.

Mixed Shelving: You may not want a run of cabinets to span the entire length of the wall because design-wise you find it going against your aesthetic taste. Have no fear! There are other alternatives to breaking up this span of cabinets. Consider mixing in some open shelving or have shelving on the wall to the right or the left of the kitchen, making it décor with a purpose.

Bridged Upper Cabinets: Talk about adding storage space and utilizing every little inch of the kitchen. Bridged upper cabinets usually have tall cabinets on either side and cabinets that are placed on top of your other cabinets. If you want, make the upper cabinets stick out a little bit farther than the other run of cabinets to create a layered, sunken effect that adds depth to your kitchen. The cabinets come in an assortment of materials and colors, which makes it easy to find a run of bridge cabinets that will fit with the other cabinets you have.

Make sure to store items that are less used and get a cute foldaway footstool to access the items in those cabinets.

Max Out Storage: With a limited amount of cabinet space available, getting creative with other storage options is a must! Consider making your pantry larger to accommodate more items and maybe even a few countertop appliances. Add an island into the layout of your kitchen and place cabinets underneath. Get creative with your storage because the sky is the limit…or maybe the ceiling in this case.

Choose Appliances Wisely: Selecting appliances for a single-walled kitchen should not be a chore and you should not have to compromise. Lucky for you, appliance companies are designing their appliances for small, compact spaces. There is a plethora of compact dishwashers, compact ovens, microwave ovens and warming drawers. If you are going to have an open-plan arrangement, make sure that your appliances run quietly to reduce objections from those who are watching TV or reading in the spaces that connect to the kitchen area.

Add an Island: An island is a good way to add more storage space, increase your counter space and create more seating if needed. If you plan one well, it will accent the kitchen.

Rolling into 2016 and you want to stay on top of the latest trends? Here you will find simple ideas and ways to keep your house looking sharp no matter what your budget is. Make sure to look at our Pinterest Look books to see these ideas in full swing to help you think of fun ways to incorporate these trends!

1. The “Glamily” Room:

What is a Glamily room you ask? Well it is the newest hybrid of the family room: Glamorous yet still a family room. There is no reason why such a popular room in your house should be drab.

Yes, your dog will be running around, your husband will be watching football with a cold one and your kids will be eating Doritos while they watch their favorite movies with their friends, but have no fear. Glamour should not be lost and neither will your sanity.

Pair up fabrics that are durable, but still beautiful with unique pieces of furniture and amazing silhouettes to still retain beauty in such a fun, popular room.

2. Monthly Club:

Monthly clubs seem to be all the rage right now. Whether it is samples, wines, or beauty products, it makes getting the mail a little bit more fun because it will not only be bills and advertisements.

The monthly clubs are not just restricted to the above. Recently, there have been clubs created for bouquets, artisan goods from around the world and surprises for your pets!

3. Boutique Showrooms:

Boutique showrooms are wonderful hidden gems within the design world. These local startups are a treasure trove of original one-of-a-kind pieces ranging from furniture to textiles.

Take the time to go and peruse these places even if you are just trying to gain some inspiration as you move forward. You may just see something that you can do yourself for the fraction of the cost or something that you cannot live without.

4. Bed Linens with Pizzazz:

Open up your hope chest and pull put your favorite quilt that was made by your grandmother because they are fully in and white bed sheets are out!

Mix and match fun patterns to make your room more interesting and unique. The sky is the limit on this one.

5. Pretty Pendants:

You have seen these lights hanging in all the trendy new restaurants and residences. They are the trendy, new chandelier for 2016. These fixtures come in all sorts of shapes, colors and sizes. You will find one that suits your taste and will seamlessly fit into your existing décor without breaking the bank.

Make sure to hit up places like World Market, Hobby Lobby and Pinterest to help in your quest to find the perfect pendant.

6. Perky Pedestals:

Add some height into your house by adding a pedestal into the décor. These are perfect for adorning even your tiniest of corners.

They come in a variety of styles and materials and are perfect to house your favorite house plant, vase, sculpture or cat. Keep your eyes open for a unique piece that will add to your pre-existing aesthetic.

7. Return of the Desk:

2016 is kicking everyone off of their "home office" bed and onto a desk.

These new desks are no longer the large bulky oak desks that seem to weigh a million pounds, but more of a piece of high-gloss art. So, run to Ikea and find the perfect desk for you and dress it up with fun lamps and colorful textiles and pillows for your chair. The more unique your new home office is the better.

Remember that this is your space to be productive so, try and tailor your decoration to this idea.

8. Traditional Tableware:

Yes, you read that right, Traditional tableware. Pull out your grandmother’s china, gravy boats, footed bowls and silver from the crates in the garage and shine them up and dust them off.

Create beautiful tablescapes by intermixing the old with the new. The pieces that are found in the traditional tablescape are beautiful and have intriguing patterns that will liven up any meal while bringing back memories of your childhood.

9. Mixed Metals:

Mix and match metals like no other. As long as it has a metal sheen, mix them. Metal sconces, metal wall art, metallic fabrics, use them all. Bringing in and combing multiple types of metals, textures and natural elements in any home will create a sophisticated look that seems effortlessly put together.

Keep your eyes peeled for that show stopping piece that will not break the bank!

10. Fabric Wall Art:

Forget wallpaper, we now have wall fabric and Robert Allen is paper-backing nearly all of its textiles for a flat fee. There is definitely at least one fabric that will catch your eye and when added to a room will easily turn into a conversation starter.

You are not limited to using unique fabrics on walls. Simply re-cover your favorite seats and ottomans for an update that is as simple as pulling out a few staples from a piece of wood. Your house can be changed significantly for a low price.

11. A Delft Touch:

 Have you heard of Delft? Delft pottery is from 17th-century Holland and uses dark blues and whites to create images of charming country life. These pieces can be found online and in antique stores across the nation.

Buy one or two pieces to spruce up your room or find look alikes to get more for your buck. Keep in mind that if you do buy real Delft pottery that it is extremely collectable.

12. Better Sleep:

Sleep is a natural part of any life-cycle and boy, has the technology come far for this art form.

Have you heard about the new mattresses that help cool your body as you sleep? How about the headrest that incorporates airflow technology with a memory foam pillow? Or the pillow that is specially made for the sleepers who move around all night in their dreamland?

If you are in the market for some new bedding, make sure to see what has come out recently to help you sleep better at night and to wake fully rested in the morning.

13. Guatemalan Fabrics:

Aztec patterns are out and Guatemalan hand-made fabrics are in. These brightly colored weavings all are the rage and nothing is better than getting handcrafted pieces of art to decorate your house with.

They will add a bohemian feel to any room. Find them in pillows, throws, wall hangings or even coasters.

14. Consignment Now:

Trying to find a unique piece that no one has? Go the consignment or thrift shop route. Not only can you buy from some of these places, but you can also sell pieces there. If you happen to have a piece that you no longer want, call up your local consignment store and see if they can help you find a new home for your old furniture so you can clear space for new!

Always remember that upcycling is in. If you find a piece at a garage sale or thrift store and it needs a new paint coat or you want to switch out the drawer pulls, look no further than your local home improvement store!

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